Andy Wain


The Jeweller:

Andy Wain is a composer and musician based in Hartlepool. We met through a mutual friend "Peter Round" in fact. Andy agreed to write the score for the film. i described his sound as;

'A hash between "A Clockwork Orange", "Blade Runner" and "The Bionic Man!”

"As an electronic musician, I've played to audiences at Glastonbury, Solfest, Willowman, Timeless and Lift Festivals".

"My current collaborations include: writing to spoken word with Clare Archibald on ‘Mindscapes of the City’ and composing music to film with John Stockton on a thriller called ‘The Jeweller"

I use a Moog Sub37, Dave Smith Mopho x4, Novation Bass Station 2, Gem RPX Piano Module, Eventide Space Reverb and Ableton Live Suite through a Mackie Firewire Mixing Console.

The Jeweller sound scape by Andy Wain